Friday, March 29, 2013

Settle Down Here TODAY!!!

As a follower of woman fashion, especially everything about wedding, I am going to give you some updating information of wedding and fashion as well as all kinds of accessories that match perfectly…Here you can take a look at the breath-taking designs by the world-renowned fashion designers, and also the fantastic DIY stuffs come from millions of ingenious people all over the world.

Although I have a wedding-related work and see numerous dresses everyday for more than one year, I am still a newcomer in this area. What I will post in my blog is not only the basic knowledge I’ve learnt about wedding dresses, special occasion dress and all kinds of accessories during these days, but different ideas and shining point in every design, which I consider as the most important part. Hope to exchange the voice within your heart :)

Now I’d like to share with you what I’ve been learning from the first day of my work till now. The very first thing I got to know was a simple introduction to wedding dress.

A wedding dress is a specially designed gown or dress the bride wears at a wedding ceremony. It can also be called a bridal dress or a bridal gown. A wedding dress plays an indispensable role in one’s wedding ceremony. The ceremony cannot be seen as a formal wedding ceremony if the bride doesn’t wear a wedding dress. And putting on a beautiful wedding dress is most romantic dream of almost every girl.

White wedding dresses are the most common choices of brides since white color is always associated with purity, chastity and peace. However, nowadays, the color white in wedding gowns has more different variations like ivory, eggshell, diamond white, candle white, champagne etc.

The main attributes of wedding dresses are silhouette, neckline, embellishment, fabric and hemline. A subtle alteration in just one of the components can bring about a completely different look. For example, a plunging open V-back, elastic silk-like satin sheath wedding dress with a sweep train will create a dramatically sexy look, while a romantic sweetheart neck satin ballgown with a chapel train will reveal a formal and royal feeling. However, an off-the-shoulder neckline all lace mermaid gown will truly showcase a vintage Hollywood look. There is definitely no right or wrong combination, what’s your wedding dress is meant to be like is just to your liking.

Bridal gowns are not complete if lack of wedding accessories. Veils are a piece of tulle fabric worn exclusively by bride to cover some part of her head or face. Brides used to let their long hair flow down their back during their wedding ceremony to symbolize virginity before, while, now, the white wedding veil is often used to play this role. A bride could choose a tiara, a hair flower or a veil to perfect the bride look.

Apart from the wedding veils and headpieces, there are many other wedding accessories that a bride needs to complete her amazing wedding dress. I’ll introduce them in my following post.