Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Your Bridesmaid Also SHINES, Girls!

Selecting bridesmaid dresses is really not an easy thing. The bride hope that she could choose the bridesmaid dresses so that they can match her own bridal gown. While bridesmaids are more likely to follow their own aesthetic standards and dressing style, not wanting to waste money on a dress which they would wear once in a lifetime. So, how do you harmonize both sides?

1. Let Your Bridesmaids Choose Their Own Dresses

Although sound impractical, giving your bridesmaids the chance to pick their own dresses is truly a good way. The bridesmaids will certainly agree with this idea because they will feel that they have equal opportunity to show the feminine charm and discerning taste.
However, before doing so, there are still several requests they need to follow: Firstly, give a uniform requirement as regards to the color and fabric so that the bridesmaid dress does not look conflicting together with the wedding gown. Secondly, tell them the dress styles you do not prefer, such as miniskirts, low-cut dresses and so on. 

2. The Classic All-Match Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Does it necessary to mention the benefits of the black dress? It gives a visually slimmer and slender figure. Whether you are tall or short, choosing black dress cannot go wrong. Thus, after determining the classic dress color, the style will be more easily to select. You will find less complaint in the following process.

3The Most Suitable Knee-Length Dress

It is advisable to select right size dress to avoid second modification, which is the same reason for choosing a knee-length bridesmaid dress. Certainly, they may also require subtle alterations to other parts, but at least they do not have to wear high heels so as not be tripped up by the long skirt. For bridesmaids with different heights, knee-length dresses can be considered as the best choice. One thing we must bear in mind is that the bridesmaid does not mean to look too showy to steal the bride's thunder, however, they also want to show their best in front of the relatives and friends.

4. Ingenious Use Of Sandals

You may think a pair of silver sandals or black dance shoes is fine to match the selected bridesmaid dress, while I suggest you search at home for good-looking shoes that can fit in. For example, a common pair of black or metallic high heels is very classical and all-match, which saves part of the cost. Last but not least, do not forget remind everyone of bringing a pair of low heels or flats as an alternative at evening party, so that they can relax feet and enjoy dancing.

5. Try On Bridesmaid Dresses

Brides trying on bridesmaid dresses to get the closest feeling is the best way to understand their bridesmaids. See whether the fabric would cause skin friction? Does it appear a little plump? If you don’t think the dress is OK, then I think perhaps you should continue to look for the right style. Only up to your own satisfaction can you convince your bridesmaids to agree your choice.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Practical Tips for Customizing Wedding Dresses

Tip 1 What is the most proper time?

The best time to choose your custom wedding gown is 2-3 months before the wedding ceremony. Since most of the brides will lose weight in order to be show their charming figure, the time should be extremely important. If it is too early, the dress you get may be a little bit larger than the actual size. Oppositely, if you order you dream dress too late, then there is little time left for you to modify. Supposing that you've decided to have a big weight losing program before your wedding, and then I suggest you customize a bridal dress feathering lace-up back style. On one hand, it can truly flaunt your femininity. On the other hand, it offers 5 cm or so for you to adjust.

Tip 2 Is customizing online a good choice?

For some brides-to-be, the belief of wearing a classy custom wedding dress is hard to achieve because they may not find a satisfactory custom shop where you live, then shopping online becomes the only option. However, there is one thing you need to remember that not all the bridal dress styles are suitable for online customizing. For example, the wedding dress with asymmetrically oblique design must need the accurate measurements of the real body; otherwise mistakes are very likely to be made.

Tip 3 How to measure?

Remember not too tight when measuring. Always leave a little room that your tape can turn around. Except for the bust, other sizes are all measured close to your body. When measuring, stand straight forward and keep natural breathing, tape not too tight or too loose. Do not intention to tight the tape cause fit is the best. If you choose to customize online, then never measure by yourself. Ask your friend to help. Or else you will get wrong data as your body is unable to maintain the correct posture.

Tip 4 Are corsets necessary while measuring?

If you decide to wear corsets inside the wedding dress on your big day, then wearing it while measuring your sizes. The brides who have small breasts can implant chest pads in your corset or ask the designer to do so with your wedding dress. In addition, take the heels height into consideration when measuring the length of your wedding dress.

Tip 5 Try on and local modification

It is the day you try your dream dress on! Do remember to bring all the accessories you decide to wear on the wedding day. The corsets and wedding shoes when measuring, veils and headpieces, all those stuff are ready to show your best bridal image. If you have a specified stylist, go together with him or her and think carefully about their advice.

Tip 6 How to take care of the dress?

The best way to keep the wedding dress in good condition is hanging up in a garment bag. If your wardrobe is not high enough, you can fold the dress in accordance with the seams and put it into a zippered waterproof garment bag, then place it in a solid trunk. For the dress with sleeves, fill them with some soft paper, which will avoid of wrinkles. What’s more, keep your bridal gown away from sunscreen, cosmetics or pesticides!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What Makes a Wedding Dress So Expensive?

The most eye-catching part of a wedding dress is the exquisite embellishments of romantic lace and dazzling crystals, which differ bridal gowns from other formal dresses. The value of a wedding gown is to a large extent decided by the amount and complexity of decoration on a wedding dress. Then what kind of handicraft are usually used on a wedding dress? Next, I’ll make a simple introduction to you.


Numerous tiny beadings are completely strung by hand according to a certain pattern. Before the sewing job, workers draw the pattern on the fabric with air erasable pen fade pen. And when the sewing work is finished, they put the dress into the water so that the pattern could disappear. Beadings are various in shape: beads (round ones), tube beads (angular tube-shaped ones) and sequins (leaflike or round heptahedron). In order to ensure the good visual effects, generally, two or three different kind of beadings could be used even for a simple pattern. We can commonly see a satin wedding gown embellished with abundant beads, fine and neat.

This is a delicately made high quality custom made wedding dress with handcrafted beadings which form numerous refractive surfaces, showing dazzling sparks under the light. What’s more, the exquisite beaded crafts stand the test of observation. What a truly great work of art!


This is not an easy job. Here we do not refer to the purely handcrafted embroidery which values a sky-high price. Normally, the embroidery on custom made wedding dress is made by an embroidery machine. The process is also very complicated. First of all, the original embroidery pattern should be drawn accurately. And then the pattern will be composed to the corresponding place of the fabric after being input into computer. Lastly, the embroidery begins. All this whole process requires considerable workload and rich experience.

The hem part of this wedding gown is a perfect demonstration of embroidery craft. Floral pattern is impeccably embroidered upon the seams where the two fabric panels meet. This definitely a complex process because the two pieces of fabric should be sewn together flawlessly and then the embroidery could get composed and done.

Beaded embroidery

As the name indicates, it is a piece of embroidery with beads sewn up. The thickness of the embroidery together with the convex of the beads attached on the embroidered pattern creates a three-dimensional light & shade effects, especially under fantastic lighting. Coupled with the sheen and brightness of the beads, richer visual effect is achieved. This process needs the most complex handicraft, and of course, the cost is also the most.

Beaded lace

Lace sewing beads, This is a very common decorative technique in wedding dress making. Tubular beads and sequins in the corded lace will produce a very dreamy effect. If it is only the lace fabric, beads and sequins can be sewn on directly according to the lace pattern. If the lace is attached on satin or other fabrics, then there is a process called ”applique” before sewing beads. Applique is pieces of lace decal ironed down out of soft tulle, and then sewn on the fabric in accordance with the design draft, after which the beads are sewn. Due to the unimaginable complexity of this process, the cost of labor and materials enormously large.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How to Select Wedding Dresses for PLUMP Women

Every bride wants to look stunning and become the center of attention in the wedding ceremony on her big day. Then how to make yourself stand out among the sea of ladies wearing nice dresses really needs pondering carefully. Not to mention the plump girls. Thinker even harder.

It is not exaggerated to say that slim figure now is considered as the most desirable body style almost all over the world, which I totally disagree... Look at the slender wedding dress model, I’ve been worrying for a long time that is there a right wedding dress for me?

Of course! My girls, today I’m gonna give you some advice in choosing the right bridal gown. A little bit plump? So what! Fantastic wedding dresses are not exclusive for the slender!

If you eager to find the perfect wedding dress for your figure, then you’re suggested to try out A-line dresses. This dress style flatters a complete figure by creating a slender curve. It is ideal for the bride who is plump and wants to hide unwanted fats.

Originally designed for the bottom heavy women, the A-line dress is usually fitted in the neckline towards the hips and then flaring gently down toward the bottom, resembling a letter A. This accentuates the slimmer torso and softens the hips, giving a pleasant silhouette.

What about the top heavy body shape? It’s A-line style again! Due to the firm structure and classic look of A-line dresses, a little alteration or enhancement will certainly complement it.

You have several ways to apply you dream dress to your body shape. You can alter it by adding embellishments and accessories for more charming effect. Alterations can be done at the neckline, bodice, or the hem. It’s up to you. Top heavy style looks great with a well-fitted and plain bustier. So avoid frills and ruches at the bodice. The wedding dress with sleeves is another saver for plump brides having fat upper arms and fleshy armpit. And also, a wide variety of embellishments could adorn the skirt such as appliques, beadings, lace, sashes, ribbons, and prints. The appropriate accessories can also be icing on the cake, such as an elegant piece of jewelry or a nice pair of wedding shoes.

The fabric of the wedding dress counts a lot because every kind of material has its own advantages and disadvantages which play important roles in the entire effect of the whole dress. Satin is the best choice for plump brides. It does well in hiding the extra fat and building up sculpt image.

Take a really close and careful look at yourself in the mirror when you are trying on your dream wedding gown. What kind of look you are going to have on your big day totally depends on you! Do not expect to encounter the very right dress for the first try. Bring a tailor or just do it yourself and never give up a favorite dress easily just due to its long sleeves or unsuitable hem.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Choose the Right Bridal Gown for Your Body Type

For most brides-to-be, picking the most perfect wedding dress can be so thorny, especially when you find the one you love look definitely not right when you try it on. It may make your legs wired, your hips too big or your boobs disappear. The reason why these situation happen is that you put on the wrong wedding dress which is not suitable for your body style. The solution is simple. Get to know the women’s basic body shapes and you’ll find there are so many fabulous wedding dresses you can choose!

In the following I will list some common women body type with which appropriate wedding dresses are suggested to match.

If you’re Petite

Search for: The petite bride can fit well with sheath, mermaid or modified A-line gown holding simple and elegant design. Find an empire style wedding dress with the waistline above your natural waist to make the lower half of the dress as well as yourself appear longer. Bateau neckline makes the upper body look plump. Fabric of a high sheen is strongly recommended.

Stay away from: Be avoid of dropped waist dresses and ball gowns. The former will make your legs seem nonexistent and the latter let you easily get lost in that voluminous skirt. Also, tea-length dresses are not suitable.
Remember to avoid cumbersome embellishments and too much accessories. In order not to appear top-heavy, veils should not be too long yet too layered.

If you’re Tall

Search for: Brides who are tall can best demonstrate the modesty and quiet in a dress. So many different styles of wedding dresses are suitable for tall bride to wear. Ball gowns in sophisticated floral pattern design matched with a fingertip or longer veil can be a desirable choice for you.

Stay away from: If you are a relatively flat and skinny woman, do not choose a sheath gown with long train which is more likely to increase your height visually. Skip gowns with high necklines such as jewel neck and high collar because they'll draw the eye upward and create more length. The same reason for updos and headpieces.

If you’re plump

Search forAn Empire dress with a A-line skirt that begins just under the bust and flows gradually into floor-length is truly a fabulous choice for those women who are plump. Moreover, strapless and sweetheart neckline will be good at showing your beautifully curved chest. While a tight waist design to accent figure exquisiteness and slim skirt to strengthen body curve. Wedding material should be hard fabric texture like satin.

Stay away from: Make sure that there is no ruches or pleats of the fabric, which is reminiscent of maternity wear. The dress should be aim at build up your figure shape; if it’s too loose, it will add pounds. Find fabrics like satin that provides structure rather than anything too soft. If you love the romantic feeling of airy materials, choose a dress with a stiff satin skirt overlaid by a piece of  embroidered tulle.