Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Practical Tips for Customizing Wedding Dresses

Tip 1 What is the most proper time?

The best time to choose your custom wedding gown is 2-3 months before the wedding ceremony. Since most of the brides will lose weight in order to be show their charming figure, the time should be extremely important. If it is too early, the dress you get may be a little bit larger than the actual size. Oppositely, if you order you dream dress too late, then there is little time left for you to modify. Supposing that you've decided to have a big weight losing program before your wedding, and then I suggest you customize a bridal dress feathering lace-up back style. On one hand, it can truly flaunt your femininity. On the other hand, it offers 5 cm or so for you to adjust.

Tip 2 Is customizing online a good choice?

For some brides-to-be, the belief of wearing a classy custom wedding dress is hard to achieve because they may not find a satisfactory custom shop where you live, then shopping online becomes the only option. However, there is one thing you need to remember that not all the bridal dress styles are suitable for online customizing. For example, the wedding dress with asymmetrically oblique design must need the accurate measurements of the real body; otherwise mistakes are very likely to be made.

Tip 3 How to measure?

Remember not too tight when measuring. Always leave a little room that your tape can turn around. Except for the bust, other sizes are all measured close to your body. When measuring, stand straight forward and keep natural breathing, tape not too tight or too loose. Do not intention to tight the tape cause fit is the best. If you choose to customize online, then never measure by yourself. Ask your friend to help. Or else you will get wrong data as your body is unable to maintain the correct posture.

Tip 4 Are corsets necessary while measuring?

If you decide to wear corsets inside the wedding dress on your big day, then wearing it while measuring your sizes. The brides who have small breasts can implant chest pads in your corset or ask the designer to do so with your wedding dress. In addition, take the heels height into consideration when measuring the length of your wedding dress.

Tip 5 Try on and local modification

It is the day you try your dream dress on! Do remember to bring all the accessories you decide to wear on the wedding day. The corsets and wedding shoes when measuring, veils and headpieces, all those stuff are ready to show your best bridal image. If you have a specified stylist, go together with him or her and think carefully about their advice.

Tip 6 How to take care of the dress?

The best way to keep the wedding dress in good condition is hanging up in a garment bag. If your wardrobe is not high enough, you can fold the dress in accordance with the seams and put it into a zippered waterproof garment bag, then place it in a solid trunk. For the dress with sleeves, fill them with some soft paper, which will avoid of wrinkles. What’s more, keep your bridal gown away from sunscreen, cosmetics or pesticides!

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