Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Writing Test as A Web Editor

Recently asked me to write a writing test for the newer employers since our company business has to expand, which reminds me of the several interview I had met when I found my job as a web editor one year ago. The tests were all very simple and had nothing to do with the job I applied. While in my opinion, the writing tests of a company should obviously be somehow comprehensive and have some connection with the job content. So as an web editor about wedding, I worked out a test as follows:

As a blogger of new fashion wedding blog, you are asked to recommend a summer wedding dress with several exquisite accessories. Write a blog to introduce the wedding dress and those beautiful stuffs, and then pick one handbag, one veil and one pair of shoes to match the dress. (no more than 300 words)

Wedding Dress


Is that proper for a wedding editor’s writing test?

The following answer is one of the employees' which I think qualified, then I would like to share with you all.

The sweetheart neckline uses cross design style to make a different feeling. Chic and elegant belt plus the shining beads let you become a shining star in the wedding. Complex and high quality handmade flowers covered all the skirt, which looks more noble and elegant. Ankle length design let you show your fashion and unique side.

Firstly, I'm pretty sure not to pick the first wedding veil among the three. As the dress is already a princess silhouette, multi-layered wedding veil may look redundant on it. For the remaining two, I prefer the second. In my opinion, the embellishments on the bridal dress has been so rich and delicate, which should be taken as the spotlight of the whole design. Thus, the veil might as well play a decorative role. So I choose the second fishnet one.

For the similar reason I select the third handbag and the first wedding shoes. Actually, the last clutch purse is also very suitable for that ankle-length princess bridal dress, while the silver chain and fashion close catch my eyes. It offers the bride more ways to carry and makes it more convenient to hold. As to the shoes, the first one wins my heart for the first sight. Simple but not tedium, it undoubtedly can be the best ornament, neither too showy for its non-embellished vamp, nor too ordinary for its leopard prints heels and platform style. However, the second one is too much for such a wedding dress. Maybe its looks better with a sexy high-hip crystal cocktail dress. The last lace pair is definitely my cup of tea but, I would like to see it fits in an all-lace wedding gown.

That's all the answer. Here I'd like to talk about my view towards this topic. Basically speaking, I agree with most part of her opinion. While for the handbag, I may be pick the first one. I notice the luxurious beaded waistband of the wedding dress, which could echoes impeccably with the first heavily embellished handbag, creating a stunning image. But in fact, if I wear this wedding dress on my big day, I probably would take no accessories for it is already an amazing dress.

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