Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Your Bridesmaid Also SHINES, Girls!

Selecting bridesmaid dresses is really not an easy thing. The bride hope that she could choose the bridesmaid dresses so that they can match her own bridal gown. While bridesmaids are more likely to follow their own aesthetic standards and dressing style, not wanting to waste money on a dress which they would wear once in a lifetime. So, how do you harmonize both sides?

1. Let Your Bridesmaids Choose Their Own Dresses

Although sound impractical, giving your bridesmaids the chance to pick their own dresses is truly a good way. The bridesmaids will certainly agree with this idea because they will feel that they have equal opportunity to show the feminine charm and discerning taste.
However, before doing so, there are still several requests they need to follow: Firstly, give a uniform requirement as regards to the color and fabric so that the bridesmaid dress does not look conflicting together with the wedding gown. Secondly, tell them the dress styles you do not prefer, such as miniskirts, low-cut dresses and so on. 

2. The Classic All-Match Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Does it necessary to mention the benefits of the black dress? It gives a visually slimmer and slender figure. Whether you are tall or short, choosing black dress cannot go wrong. Thus, after determining the classic dress color, the style will be more easily to select. You will find less complaint in the following process.

3The Most Suitable Knee-Length Dress

It is advisable to select right size dress to avoid second modification, which is the same reason for choosing a knee-length bridesmaid dress. Certainly, they may also require subtle alterations to other parts, but at least they do not have to wear high heels so as not be tripped up by the long skirt. For bridesmaids with different heights, knee-length dresses can be considered as the best choice. One thing we must bear in mind is that the bridesmaid does not mean to look too showy to steal the bride's thunder, however, they also want to show their best in front of the relatives and friends.

4. Ingenious Use Of Sandals

You may think a pair of silver sandals or black dance shoes is fine to match the selected bridesmaid dress, while I suggest you search at home for good-looking shoes that can fit in. For example, a common pair of black or metallic high heels is very classical and all-match, which saves part of the cost. Last but not least, do not forget remind everyone of bringing a pair of low heels or flats as an alternative at evening party, so that they can relax feet and enjoy dancing.

5. Try On Bridesmaid Dresses

Brides trying on bridesmaid dresses to get the closest feeling is the best way to understand their bridesmaids. See whether the fabric would cause skin friction? Does it appear a little plump? If you don’t think the dress is OK, then I think perhaps you should continue to look for the right style. Only up to your own satisfaction can you convince your bridesmaids to agree your choice.

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