Friday, June 28, 2013

Choose the Proper Bridesmaid Dresses

In fact, selecting bridesmaid dresses is a very delicate moment, bride hope that the bridesmaid dress are matched, and trend to follow their own ideas to selection, however bridesmaids also have their own aesthetic and fit style, they do not want to waste money on clothes that only wear once of life. 

Letting Bridesmaid Choose their Own Dress

Letting each bridesmaid pick their own dress, it sounds not fit the actual situation, but many bridesmaids will certainly agree with this approach, because they will feel that you are also in the day to give them the opportunity to show the charm, but also gives them feeling that you agree with their aesthetic taste. However, before that, there are still several premises need to follow: First, about the dress color and fabric you should give a uniform requirements, so that does not seem conflicting bridesmaid dresses, and bridal dresses can be harmonized. Secondly, you can give several styles that you think inappropriate, such as miniskirts, low-cut dress and so on, try to persuade them not to pick bridesmaid dress that too sexy.

Needless to say, classic black dress has many benefits, it gives a visually slimmer, slender feeling, whether you are tall stature is short, choose black dress can not go wrong. Thus, in determining got a good one classic dress color, the style aspects of the problem will be solved, and then discuss the dress issue, you will find a lot less to complain about the sound.

Bridesmaid dresses and bridal gown custom process is basically the same, in general they will be in the amount of size, leaving out some margin, so the final dress finished, often not the most appropriate size, on this basis, if you wish to make changes, then, is an additional cost, the price ranging from 200-1200 yuan (such as shortened skirts, pull side, add straps, etc.).

Now there are more and more women's clothing brands have opened a special product series, such as J. Crew, Ann Taylor and White House Black Market, etc., so we propose that bridesmaids go directly to the department store and tried to buy, both save time and money.

Select the size and fit of bridesmaid dresses, like the selection of a knee-length dress also avoid secondary modifications. Of course, they may also require minor modifications of other parts, but at least do not have to wear high heels to avoid being tripped by long skirt, for different height bridesmaids can be described as the best choice. "We do not want bridesmaid dress too fancy, grab the bride's thunder, but they also want to show in front of many friends their best side."

Jewelry accessories is quite personal product, but also the best embodies the personality of a person. So encourage bridesmaids to mix and accessories is a good practice, I believe you also because of bridesmaids unique personality characteristics, it has become a close friend and we met, is not it? I think even if you pick a bridesmaid dress that not their favorite, jewelry accessories that match their heart are also able to restore the psychological feelings of bridesmaids.

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