Thursday, June 6, 2013

How to Choose the Right Evening Dress

Evening dress is a formal dress that wearing after 20:00 at night , lady dress is the dress style that show the highest grade, most unique, fully display the personality. Also known as evening dress, dinner clothes, dance clothes. It often pair with shawls, jackets, matching cloak kind of clothes, gloves, etc, with beautiful decorative effect together constitute the whole outfit.

Traditional styleemphasize women’s slim waist, exaggerated sense of the weight of the skirt below the hips, shoulders, chest, arm fully expose, gorgeous jewelry left for the performance space. Such as: low neckline designed to decorate a strong sense of design to highlight the elegant, focused use of mosaics, embroidery, pleated collar thin, gorgeous lace, bows, roses, gives a classical, formal dress impression.

Traditional dress fabric: for the purpose of communication at night, in order to meet the night of luxury, warm atmosphere, selection of mostly silk fabric, satin flash and some gorgeous, noble materials. Evening dress style mostly bare-chested, bare shoulders sleeveless jumpsuit dress the most formal style, often with overlapping pleated bias cut, tie artificial flowers, and other forms of shirring create elegant drape extraordinary momentum, especially the performance of female stand alone charm.

Accessories can choose pearls, sapphire, emerald, diamond that high-quality accessories, also can choose gem.

You can choose high-heeled sandals or modification of thin loop of strong and affordable dress high heels, if the toes exposed, you have the face, hand embellished by make-up synchronization.

Body Shapes and Dress
Delicate petite person - suitable for waist, yarn surface, waist discount dress, proportion of body modification. And should try to avoid too fluffy skirt, pants, rotator cuff design should avoid exaggeration; upper body can be more change, waist proposed micro low rise design V, in order to increase the slender sense.

The slender person - a little upper body wear package styles, lower body skirt style choice, because the smaller skeleton lean arms, the best choice long-sleeved or Puff sleeve design, if you do not like this type of dress, we recommend that you wear gloves as decoration, make the whole feeling seems not so thin.

Plump person - suitable for straight line cutting, wear more slender. Lace flowers should use a thin flat lace, high collar style is not optional; waist, skirt design should try to avoid complicated. Advised to wear low-cut or halter style, in addition to showing the advantages of breast fullness, but also lengthen the neck line. In addition, you can try long-sleeved dress, or plus shawls, will be slightly thick arms cover up.

In addition to the body shape, the face shape is a reference to one of the elements selected dress, round face or neck shorter people to drop shoulder, low cut or V-neck style is better; square face people can try V-shaped or is peach heart has style collar design corners should be avoided; inverted triangle face and peach heart has not designed to match, you can choose ship or large round neck style.

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