Sunday, June 23, 2013

Jewelry —— A Magic Key to Charm

Every girl wants to look special and every girl wants to feel stylish, every girl wants comfortable. But, how? Clothing is one thing, to build our looks, in fact, our whole personality is essential. However, the fashionable clothing is not enough! We need our clothes, of course, with our personalized fashion accessories. These stylish jewelry, most of the time, are the definition of the charm that we carry with us everywhere. So, what is the top fashion jewelry that can change change us from ordinary girls into fashionable gals!

Jewelry is dedicated to every woman, why it should not, it can enhance the beauty of any outfit! Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bracelets and a lot of costume jewelry is to have you in every color, price and style. Whether wearing national or modern look, regardless of the choice of jewelry may bring elegance, it should be with it.

Tips to choose fashion jewelry

- Decide what's your budget before setting out to buy jewelery.

- Look for the jewelery in your pre decided price range. If you feel sales persons are making you frustrated, then search online by price, color, jewelry style and other jewelry descriptives on your mind.

Decide if you want jewelry cute, casual, glamorous or elegant appearance. Then choose the desired appearance jewelry. Precious or semi-precious stones, look elegant and charming. Jewelery, beads and stones can give leisure or fun look.

- When buying earrings, consider the shape of your face as well as the dress which you'll wear it. Dangle earrings suit round faces while round earrings go well with thin or longer face.

Bracelet to show off legs, especially with short skirts. So to make the appropriate decisions, whether you want to highlight your legs or. Understated high heels with a small golden anklets give the appearance of a very charming, but never try to use fishnet stockings. It does not look good.

- When wearing casual dresses like jeans, go for matching casual jewelry like a choker made up of hemp fiber or something made of leather or silver.

- Try to give your attire a coordinated look through a consistent theme. Gold earrings with silver bangles or a colorful beaded necklace will look inconsistent.

Do not wear too much jewelry. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, anklets, and will give a cluttered look. Two time is always fine. Ring (no more than two in the hand), you can be spared from the list. Stud there are exceptions. Exclude either necklace or earrings to highlight your lower body.

- If wearing ladies tops having long sleeves, there's no need of a bracelet. If tops have short sleeves then a bangle or bracelet will look good. Patterned dresses don't need necklaces.

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