Friday, July 26, 2013

Several Simple Ways to Build up a Perfect Bride Style I

Want to be the most shining bride on your big day? Want your body look perfect with your dream wedding gown? Want to be a unique bride unlike anyone else? Please come and learn about the following tips with will provide you more inspiration on choosing the wedding dress.

1. Dress budget must include the wedding accessories
Wedding dress is the indispensable part in your wedding budget. Everybody knows that. But don’t forget the various wedding accessories matching your dress which are particularly important, such as lingerie, necklace, bracelet, the cost is also very striking. Selection of these ornaments must be started and accumulated from the usual time. Only in this way can you dress up as a unique bride, not the same as anybody else! Good accessories do not mean the expensive one, while fit is the most important, just like the person you love.

2. Is long hair necessary for a bride?
Perhaps many of us growing up watching a fairy tale, or a movie or something, think that the bride should have long hair. The truth is not everyone is suitable for long hair style. Short hair brides has another side of beauty. Try several short hair styles so that you can easily find one to suit your whole style.

3. The more, the better?
Each girl has a greedy heart, especially when it comes to her wedding dress selection. Put every dress on, and then pick the most beautiful one. In fact, this is a big mistake. Because each time you try on a dress, you will have different feelings. And so many fresh, new feelings get together at the same time, you’ll get confused cause you think all the dresses you have tried are marvelous. Another situation, of course, would probably happen. That is the more you try, the worse you feel. The best way is to find a certain style, and then try 2 or 3 dress, which would be good enough.

4. Is maternity bridal dress so hard to choose?
Pregnant brides always have some concerns about their belly. In fact, there is nothing to worry. One thing to remember is that the pregnant brides should wear tight-fitting dresses to cover up your babies, because it is not only harmful to your babies but also not good for yourself. Beautiful bride with a baby shows a special kind of charm as long as they wearing the personalized bridal gown tailored to their accurate waist size. Find a professional dress maker who can estimate your body shape one week before wedding day and help you solve this problem in advance.

5. Women with fleshy arms?
Every woman have their own weakness on body shape, such as the person whose arm is too fleshy. They are meant to stay away from sleeveless dress, in fact, the right style dress with sleeves can bring out a totally new look. In fact, any weakness on body shape could be improved by a suitable dress. If you really feel your arm fleshy, then spend some time in searching the right style. As to the person having big shoulder skeleton, sleeveless wedding dress can make your long arms exposed to a stunning image. If your shoulders are more rounded, you can tend to Japanese or French wedding dress style.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

How to Choose an Appropriate Evening Dress

There are all kinds of events happening in the evening and in order to attend these occasions, the right clothing should be worn, especially when it comes to ladies. Choosing the appropriate evening dresses is not easy but surely can be achieved. They are available in different colors, texture and styles. You need to know clearly about every specific event you are attending so that you will not dress inappropriately for the event.

Evening dresses are made for different occasions which are designed to be classic pieces and can be worn time and time again, throughout the seasons. You wear them to theater or opera, to a business cocktail party, to a formal dinner… You may have different dresses in your wardrobe, but which one do you pick for each of those occasions? The following guidelines may help you.


Theatre or Opera
Silk evening gown is your best choice for a theatre or opera. It is because silk fabric not only pairs with artistic atmosphere very well, but also reflects music in a splendid way which makes music sounds more flattering.
Business Cocktail Party
If it’s just a casual talk party, a knee-length dress may embody your frankness and confidence. However, if it is a formal business party, you’d better wear a long evening dress to show your respect.
Formal Dinner
Once attending a formal dinner, remember to wear an evening dress to to show your respect and appreciation to the host. And also a classy formal evening gown will remind you of the table manners while eating.


In order to find the best evening dresses that suit you, you must know a bit about the materials used and the design of the dress, keeping your body shape in mind. Choose a material that feels comfortable against your skin so that you enjoy your night and don’t get irritated by the fabric. Chiffon is a desirable piece of evening dress fabric for its softness. Elastic satin does well in revealing your curving figure.


knowing your body will also go a long way in finding the right evening dress for different events especially for customizing your own dress. It will be difficult finding the right dress if you do not know your height, bust and waist size. Make sure you have taken all the measurements before starting the process of finding a dress for your occasion.


Most events have theme colors so be sure to find out if there is one at the event you are going to, as this will determine the color of the dress you are going to buy. If there is no theme color in the event you should go for a color that compliments your body size, skin and hair color.

Take skin color as an example. If you have white skin tone, pick pastel evening gowns. Avoid heavy colors as red or black that is imbalance with your complexion. If you have dark skin tone, choose bright color evening gown to accent your complexion. Avoid pink dress which may be drowned by your skin color. If you have yellow skin tone which looks tired and drained, you’d better choose a neutral color dress. Avoid complicated framed evening dress.

An appropriate evening dresses should be able to bring out the best side of your body. After reading this blog, I hope every lady could find your own evening dresses for the proper occasion. If you still don’t know how to choosing evening dresses, you can contact a stylist that will gladly help you with your problem.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Practical Tips for Choosing Mother of the Bride Dresses

Wedding day is the most special day in a woman’s life, not only for the happy couple, but also for the families and friends who are always there to love and support the marriage. One of the most important steps to dressing the wedding party is choosing a dress for the mother of the bride which can become contentious if it is not handled correctly. Mothers want to look stylish, complement the figure, but also blend in with the bridal party. Thus there are some definite dos and don'ts to choosing an appropriate mother of the bride dress.

Traditionally, it is the bride who selects her dress first and it is her bridal gown that sets the style which others will follow. The concept is that all the gowns in the wedding party should complement one another both in color and in degree of formality. Then, it is the mother-of-the-bride who selects her gown next. The rule of thumb is that mothers should be allowed to select a style in which she feels comfortable, while still being in sync with the mode the bride has set with the selection of her wedding dress.

Being comfortable is important. You will need to consider comfort and ease of movement when picking a dress. If the wedding and reception are going to be sit down affairs, make sure you are comfortable sitting in the dress. A shorter dress can be exhausting if you are sitting and have to keep tugging it down. However, if there will be dancing and a lot of standing or movement, you will need to feel comfortable moving about. A longer tight legged gown can make it very difficult to move about the dance floor. Try to find a happy balance. It is also difficult for you to bend to touch your toes or squat down to pick something up off the floor.

There are some definite no-nos when choosing the color of a mother of the bride dress. White is off limits. Only the bride should be in white or even off white. In the pictures, the bride should stand out when surrounded by her family and husband who are wearing colored garments. Never wear black cause it makes a completely negative statement. Even dark shades of brown can be detrimental to the occasion.

All in all, mother of the bride dresses should blend with the bridal party since most mothers will be seen throughout the wedding, either during photos or when helping with the unity candle. The dress should never be the exact same color as the bridesmaids, but should go with the party colors rather than standing out. For example, if the bridal party is wearing emerald green dresses, your dress should be a lighter shade of green; almost a mint green.

As you can see, choosing an appropriate mother of the bride dress does take some consideration. It's not all about the latest fashion, but about comfort and color as well. As an important part of the wedding party, mothers should spent time and thoughts choosing the dress. If mothers want to recall the fond memories on that occasion, then keep that dress please.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


What to wear for cocktail parties is one of those confusing questions which will send you into a wardrobe frenzy. The attire must be less than formal but more than business is required. In the world of ever-changing fashions, you are easily at the risk of being over or underdressed for the occasion. Just follow the basic guides to help you slip through any cocktail parties.

The first thing you should decide is the attire style you choose. A dress, a skirt and top or a suit? If you’re going for a skirt or dress, what length should it be? And what about shoes and accessories? Don’t be frightened by the questions cause finding a cocktail dress is actually easier than it first appears.

If you choose to wear a dress, think elegance and simplicity rather than flashy details. Cocktail dresses are typically knee-length, but if you're wearing a longer simple straight skirt is also acceptable.

As for the color for your cocktail dress, you’d better consider the weather. If in summer, floral patterns, baby pink, sky blue, light green and yellow are the best tones. For winter parties, you can go for gray, burgundy, black and dark brown cocktail dress. A little black dress is a must-have for every woman, which is suitable for both formal and semi-formal parties.

As regards the shoes, seasonally appropriate high heels or boots are your best choices. Keep the height and flashiness to a minimum extent and focus instead on the elegance and grace of your outfit. Sneakers and flip-flops are inappropriate for cocktail attire, but some stylish sandals or pretty ballet flats can easily fit the style.

For accessories, handbags are definitely hard to be neglected. They are among the most favorite fashion accessories not only because they look attractive, giving an unspeakable charm to one's personality, but also because they are essential for their utility. A handbag is able to carry all the items for a daily basis. Clutch handbags are specially designed to be hold by hand, which is perfect for evening cocktail parties. With a clutch in hand, you don't need get embarrassed not knowing where to put your hands. And also you can find enough space to keep the very important personal things in your clutch bag.

Last but not least, choose one piece of jewelry that matches your cocktail dress. It can ravishing enough to catch people’s attention, but remember not too much. Bear the principle of simplicity in mind. A beautiful ring, watch or pair of earrings will grab as much notice as a handful of random jewels scattered across yourself.

Cocktail parties is often prepared for dinner or happy hour events. It may be in a night including a broad range of activities, from dancing to award presentations. Therefore choose shoes and clothes you can walk and sit comfortably in. Try to add some versatility to your outfit so you will be prepared for all occasions.