Saturday, July 20, 2013

How to Choose an Appropriate Evening Dress

There are all kinds of events happening in the evening and in order to attend these occasions, the right clothing should be worn, especially when it comes to ladies. Choosing the appropriate evening dresses is not easy but surely can be achieved. They are available in different colors, texture and styles. You need to know clearly about every specific event you are attending so that you will not dress inappropriately for the event.

Evening dresses are made for different occasions which are designed to be classic pieces and can be worn time and time again, throughout the seasons. You wear them to theater or opera, to a business cocktail party, to a formal dinner… You may have different dresses in your wardrobe, but which one do you pick for each of those occasions? The following guidelines may help you.


Theatre or Opera
Silk evening gown is your best choice for a theatre or opera. It is because silk fabric not only pairs with artistic atmosphere very well, but also reflects music in a splendid way which makes music sounds more flattering.
Business Cocktail Party
If it’s just a casual talk party, a knee-length dress may embody your frankness and confidence. However, if it is a formal business party, you’d better wear a long evening dress to show your respect.
Formal Dinner
Once attending a formal dinner, remember to wear an evening dress to to show your respect and appreciation to the host. And also a classy formal evening gown will remind you of the table manners while eating.


In order to find the best evening dresses that suit you, you must know a bit about the materials used and the design of the dress, keeping your body shape in mind. Choose a material that feels comfortable against your skin so that you enjoy your night and don’t get irritated by the fabric. Chiffon is a desirable piece of evening dress fabric for its softness. Elastic satin does well in revealing your curving figure.


knowing your body will also go a long way in finding the right evening dress for different events especially for customizing your own dress. It will be difficult finding the right dress if you do not know your height, bust and waist size. Make sure you have taken all the measurements before starting the process of finding a dress for your occasion.


Most events have theme colors so be sure to find out if there is one at the event you are going to, as this will determine the color of the dress you are going to buy. If there is no theme color in the event you should go for a color that compliments your body size, skin and hair color.

Take skin color as an example. If you have white skin tone, pick pastel evening gowns. Avoid heavy colors as red or black that is imbalance with your complexion. If you have dark skin tone, choose bright color evening gown to accent your complexion. Avoid pink dress which may be drowned by your skin color. If you have yellow skin tone which looks tired and drained, you’d better choose a neutral color dress. Avoid complicated framed evening dress.

An appropriate evening dresses should be able to bring out the best side of your body. After reading this blog, I hope every lady could find your own evening dresses for the proper occasion. If you still don’t know how to choosing evening dresses, you can contact a stylist that will gladly help you with your problem.

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