Saturday, July 6, 2013


What to wear for cocktail parties is one of those confusing questions which will send you into a wardrobe frenzy. The attire must be less than formal but more than business is required. In the world of ever-changing fashions, you are easily at the risk of being over or underdressed for the occasion. Just follow the basic guides to help you slip through any cocktail parties.

The first thing you should decide is the attire style you choose. A dress, a skirt and top or a suit? If you’re going for a skirt or dress, what length should it be? And what about shoes and accessories? Don’t be frightened by the questions cause finding a cocktail dress is actually easier than it first appears.

If you choose to wear a dress, think elegance and simplicity rather than flashy details. Cocktail dresses are typically knee-length, but if you're wearing a longer simple straight skirt is also acceptable.

As for the color for your cocktail dress, you’d better consider the weather. If in summer, floral patterns, baby pink, sky blue, light green and yellow are the best tones. For winter parties, you can go for gray, burgundy, black and dark brown cocktail dress. A little black dress is a must-have for every woman, which is suitable for both formal and semi-formal parties.

As regards the shoes, seasonally appropriate high heels or boots are your best choices. Keep the height and flashiness to a minimum extent and focus instead on the elegance and grace of your outfit. Sneakers and flip-flops are inappropriate for cocktail attire, but some stylish sandals or pretty ballet flats can easily fit the style.

For accessories, handbags are definitely hard to be neglected. They are among the most favorite fashion accessories not only because they look attractive, giving an unspeakable charm to one's personality, but also because they are essential for their utility. A handbag is able to carry all the items for a daily basis. Clutch handbags are specially designed to be hold by hand, which is perfect for evening cocktail parties. With a clutch in hand, you don't need get embarrassed not knowing where to put your hands. And also you can find enough space to keep the very important personal things in your clutch bag.

Last but not least, choose one piece of jewelry that matches your cocktail dress. It can ravishing enough to catch people’s attention, but remember not too much. Bear the principle of simplicity in mind. A beautiful ring, watch or pair of earrings will grab as much notice as a handful of random jewels scattered across yourself.

Cocktail parties is often prepared for dinner or happy hour events. It may be in a night including a broad range of activities, from dancing to award presentations. Therefore choose shoes and clothes you can walk and sit comfortably in. Try to add some versatility to your outfit so you will be prepared for all occasions. 

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