Friday, August 30, 2013

Gorgeous Evening Dresses Make a Radiant You

Evening parties may not be exciting any more, especially when you have attended so many. You might be distressed about the outfit because usually every evening dress is worn only once. How to make yourself outstanding among the crowd? That is the point. Today, I’d like to share some gorgeous evening dresses with you just for your reference.


Black gives out a touch of elegant, mysterious as well as noble; meanwhile, it completely shows feminine sexy nature. If there are some more changes in styles, or more bright adornments such as lace hollow out on the skirt hem, floral fabrics or a special cape, it can immediately break the over-dignified touch, which makes ladies lovelier.

This black evening gown is distinguished by its longer sleeves featuring slit with illusion design. It seems that the sleeves are separated from the gown itself, classical and queenly. Soft chiffon looks like lightsome ribbon flying in the freeze. The tight bodice perfectly outlines your figure curve, and as we all know, black color always presents a more slender figure. It enjoys sweetheart neckline with silver beadings well distributed all over the bodice and the Basque waist illustrate figure-sculpted sheath silhouette with a slight fish tail.


White evening dresses showcases graceful temperament; at the same time, white symbolizes female pure quality. Generally, it needs luminous ornament to shine in the night. Therefore, it is better to apply flashy fabrics, pleats, lacework, sequins, or gems, emitting sparkles.

This white evening gown serves as an excellent example. A piece of perspective tulle is added to the bodice which owns a scoop neckline where dipped neck type glimmeringly appears. It is never boring, for the beadings and sequins are adorned asymmetrically, ultra-chic and twinkling. Busts are highlighted with crisscross pleats while the skirt is flowing to the floor.


Red represents enthusiasm and unrestrained boldness; thus, it makes ladies more charming. Vivid red fires the while night. And the embellishment of ruffles perfectly balances the contrasting impact of red, emanating mellifluent and sweet aroma.

Aren’t you melted in this picture? I just think of a sentence; that is, bashful roses are quietly blooming. Although it is said that if a woman is in all red, she is either a bride or a ghost, in the above image, the red open-toe heels are good match with the red gown, aren’t they? Nothing is impossible. If the style suits you, why not have a try?

Floral Multi-color

Floral gown refuses monochrome. It requires iridescent in color and innovative in embellishment. On such occasion, ruffles, lacework, beadings and dreamy flowers can build up a fashionable icon.

This long dress enjoys floral ornaments and flower motifs, reminding people of idyllic style. It seems fallen flowers scattering and flying around like snowflakes. Isn’t it beautiful? And the frilled skirt is always so hit, simple but elegant.

At last, I’d like to offer some tips. If you don’t have time to pick up ornate dress, it is better to get concise style and remember that black dress with open collar in sleeveless design never goes out of fashion. It consummately outlines a fair lady in delicate embroidered shawl and leather heels, and rose pink suede handbag plus coral neckline presents romantic aroma.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Inspiring Wedding Ideas of Short Bridal Dresses

Nowadays, more and more people advocate freedom and simplicity even for their wedding, especially the young generation. So today I’d like to share some inspiring wedding ideas of short bride dresses with you.

The first one is really mini style which enjoys typical empire waist and embellished with beaded appliqués, flirtatious and rakish. The second one is characterized by its feathers or fur embellishment on the sheath skirt, ornate and deluxe. The third one is highlighted with its flounced collar in delicate jewel design which owns pockets, stylish and majestic. The fourth one is distinguished by its lightsome organza or tulle overlay, dreamlike and fairytale. The fifth one is eye-catching for its polished keyhole back, concise and vogue. And the last one perfectly illustrates a pretty image of independent office lady in modern times with its sexy deep V-neck and ruffled sleeve type, porcelain and outstanding.

Short dresses can also be designed in fabulous princess silhouette as the above picture shows. While strapless style wonderfully presents lovely sweetheart neckline, cross-over pleats consummately outlines slender figure. Shimmery beaded appliqués emit glow touch, and haute organza overlay is accented with exquisite lacework hem. The skirt is half-blooming in knee length, and the zipper back closure is covered by decorative buttons with seductive backless design. In this case, peep-toe heeled sandals with ankle-straps and cute bowtie adornment are a good match. 

Peerlessly ultra-chic, this wedding dress is innovatively designed in marvelous high-low asymmetrical style with mini-front but an immortal chapel train is caressing the floor behind. Spaghetti straps are chic symbol, while the vibrant sweetheart neckline in slit notched style defuses more feminine aroma. Superb lace appliqués indicate illusion glamour and the organza pick-ups add dreamy touch, absorbing and show-stopping. In summer or spring, floral sandals are always your best choice which bring cool freeze.

Some people are born elfins. In this situation, you can dress up as the above picture presents. Strapless short dress is designed in sheath silhouette which goes well with draping peplum in double tiers. And a piece of luxury satin-like material flows down to the floor, wonderfully creating court Watteau train, concise yet elegant. Peep-toe heels are good choice as it shows, and with some black motifs they are imposingly contrasting in such a white outfit.

As you can see, Grecian style can be perfectly illustrated in short dress. With no doubt, one-shoulder strap brings out asymmetrical neckline, while the soft chiffon is slipping along your body above the knee, shaping few oblique pleats. And the draped chiffon looks like a piece of flying ruffles. It features beadings shining on the single shoulder, emanating silver sparkles.

On the other hand, short wedding dresses are also wonderfully presented in full lace. They may be designed in strapless style or long-sleeve style, and sometimes they might goes with ethereal tulle, building dreamy touch, while the obvious textures symbolize luxury nobleness. Or otherwise, regular straps construct casual feeling. If embellished with endearing bow tie, it may look more like night robe. But who cares as long as you like.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Add Inspiration to Wedding Dresses

A lot of trend factors, which can be directly applied in wedding dresses, are appearing on the fashionable T stage during 2013, bringing innovative inspiration to the design of wedding dresses. Today we will talk about how to follow the fashion and wear a chic wedding dress.

Romantic and pretty, wedding dresses emit vogue temperament with four inspiring factors. They are illusion, Chinese red, peplum and Bohemia style. Contributed by crafted design, they are all mingled with sweetness and elegance. If you are eager to be a chic bride, just boldly use for reference.

Flirty illusion pervades in spring and summer, so designers cleverly apply soft colors and exquisite motifs, making illusion out of purity and sweetness. For example, white textures look more brilliant contrasted with nude color, emanating good taste. Besides sexy, illusion can be airy and ethereal. What’s important, it easily create low-key yet luxury beauty if combining illusion with white. Porcelain lacework is the first factor, which exposes a little part on the shoulder or leg, perfectly making a beautiful bride.

Wedding dresses would yield unusually brilliant results in Chinese red. It is irresistible enthusiasm and provides you with confident beauty. If matching silk or satin, it presents noble touch, while going with chiffon, it looks more graceful and restrained. Ebullient red add wild and voluptuous aroma to the wedding dress.

Fair ladies would like to show off their feminine curve; in this situation, the peplum style will make the dream come true. And you know, solid peplum consummately outlines your slender waist. If going with mermaid silhouette, it can not only shape statuesque figure, but also highlight the strength. On the other hand, peplum would be more exaggerated in princess silhouette. 

Bohemia is famous for its romantic and free-spirited. And the bohemia wedding dress seems natural as well as flowing, wonderfully illustrating an unrestrained bride, of which lace and tiered ruffles are the key. Therefore, it adds domineering and elegant touch to the wedding dress due to the expression of refinement. Meek silk or satin, concise model and the tailoring of leisure style contribute to a romantic bride. It is especially suitable for outdoor wedding in which breeze slowly passes and the skirt flatters.

As far as the accessories’ concerned, translucent ones and golden ornate ones are good match. Nude sandals with the ornament of camellia wonderfully present a simple design as charming appearance. Heart-shape splicing peep toe shoes help to express the inner sweet feeling of the bride. Hair ribbon embellished with sequins and beadings makes a lovely and gorgeous bride. So dose the endearing bow tie. And pale golden handbag looks compact but upgrades the bride. What’s more, perspective trend is not only applied to clothes but act a role of adding fashionable touch to accessories. For example, glittering handbag with translucent textures is desirable match of wedding dress.

Actually, there are so many styles of wedding dresses in fashion that we cannot illustrate all of them. Taking more attention to brand trunk shows, you will find more things you are interested.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Trains and Bustles —— Icing on the Wedding Dress

As we all know, the style of a wedding dress is mainly determined by its silhouette, length, fabric and embellishments. Thus, a knee-length ball gown wedding dress is totally differs from a floor-length sheath one. But if you’ve decided to wear a long bridal gown on your big day, then how do you show your various looks on the wedding ceremony? The answer is the train, which can completely transform your look by changing the feel of your look from ceremony to reception.

The train of a wedding dress is the elongated back portion of the gown that lies on the floor and trails behind the bride. After ceremony, most brides bustle the train so that it’s no longer lying on the floor behind them. The bustle is an opportunity for a bride to make another fabulous fashion statement, and can either enhance the look of the gown, completely change it, or just look like a pile of fabric getting the train off the floor. As there are several types of bustles, you need to know clearly your train length and fabric being used to make sure you select the right bustle. The longer the train is, the more intricate and elaborate the bustle needs to be. Most of your celebration will be together with your gown bustled up, so make sure that your bustle is not only functional, but appropriate for the style and fabric of the gown itself.

In this post, I will make a simple introduction to the train styles of a wedding dress. As to the gown bustles, please pay attention to my following posts.

Brush/Sweep Train

Brush train is the shortest of the train styles, apart from not having a train at all. And it is also called a sweep train. The back hem is only a few inches lower than the front hem, adding a modest amount of volume to the back of your dress. The brush train is the most versatile train because it can be worn at just about all types of ceremonies, from a spring garden wedding to an evening event in the fall. It is also perfect for any elegant informal or semi-formal wedding gown. Since this train is too short to be bustled up, make sure you are comfortable with having a small train your entire wedding day.

Court Train

Court train is slightly longer than the brush, extending approximately 3 feet behind the waist. It creates a simple bustle that only needs 1-3 ties. This train can be used at most ceremonies as well, but may be a hassle at outdoor weddings, such as those held on grass or at the beach.

Chapel Train

The chapel length train is the happy medium between the simplicity of the brush and court, and the formality of the cathedral and royal. This is currently the most common train applied to various kinds of bridal gowns, holding the elegance of a full train but never overly cumbersome. The train is 4 feet from the waistline, making a significant statement without the grandeur of the longer trains. It is perfect for a semi-formal wedding gown and appropriate for a formal wedding gown as well.

to be continued...

Friday, August 2, 2013

Something You Need to Know About Empire Waist and Maternity Wedding Dress

If you’ve ever seen a period film such as “Pride and Prejudice”, you’ll be familiar with empire waist dresses. This style was commonly worn in the 18th century and evokes many thoughts of classic and period design. And also, this classic and beautiful design is now applied to various kind of dresses, one of which is wedding dresses.
Empire waist wedding dresses are a beautiful and classic choice for weddings. With the waist just below the bust, the skirt falls naturally down to the ground, emitting a sense of fairy tale.

Empire waist wedding dresses can be very flattering as they lengthen the body from the visual angle. Thus empire waist wedding dresses are considered as great choices for petite brides. While, for brides with a large bust, this is sometimes not ideal cause the empire dresses are often quite low cut. Empire waist wedding dresses come with both long sleeves, short sleeves, strapless and with straps. It depends on your personal style.

If you choose to wear a empire waist wedding dress on your wedding day, it is highly suggested for you to select empire bridesmaid dresses for your dear bridesmaids, which will allow to have a uniform style through your bridal party apparel.

Because empire waist wedding dresses are extremely loose around the waist, they are a highly popular choice with pregnant brides. If you are a pregnant bride who hasn’t been able to find a suitable maternity dress, then looking at empire waist wedding dresses might be a great option.

When appraising maternity wedding dresses, there are several factors you need to consider. These would help you find your ideal maternity dress especially when you’re particularly interested in cheap wedding dresses.

1. Maternity wedding dresses should be comfortable. From neckline to hemline, from design to material, you need to select delicately to ensure comfort on your whole wedding day.

2. Maternity wedding dresses should be customized to fit the stage of pregnancy you will be at on your wedding day. As your belly size will increase little by little before your big day, it is better to plan ahead with your maternity wedding dress to ensure that it will fit.

3. Remember that wearing a maternity wedding dress does not mean that you have to compromise on style. Never wear a bridal gown with the style you dislike. This will ruin your happy mood on your wedding day. Maternity wedding dresses can still be beautiful, elegant and everything that you are looking for.

Maternity wedding dresses can be extremely elegant if correctly fitted. They are available in both long and short versions. Depending on your personal style you may prefer to look at maternity wedding dresses with halter necks, crossed straps, strapless, short sleeves, or long sleeves. For your own comfort and safety of your baby, you may prefer to wear flat shoes rather than high heels.

For a uniform wedding style you might need to select empire line dresses for your bridesmaids. This will match the style of your maternity wedding dress. Customizing the bridesmaid dresses through a number of necklines and sleeve options, together with your empire maternity dress, will definitely create a fantastic image.