Friday, October 25, 2013

10 Unique Wedding Venues to Say "I Do"

Where is your dream venue to hold your unique wedding and say “I do!” to the beloved one? We know that you want your wedding to be unique, memorable and entertaining. Aside from a number of factors involved you should consider, like the time of year, your budget and the number of guests, it is quite a challenge to the traditions. But it is your only wedding, why not let your personal style be your guide? Here we post 10 wedding venue for your special option:

Idea 1: Get married in midair

Have you ever dreamed of the scene in the movie “Up” happening to you? A flying house takes you and your beloved one to travel around the would. Why not try to have a flying wedding with your spouse? In Albuquerque, New Mexico, “rise and shine” has a new meaning for brides at the International Balloon Fiesta, where couples can get hitched while they’re soaring toward the clouds. Some balloon baskets hold up to 12 passengers, so the bride, the groom, and the rest of a small wedding party can fly together for the ceremony. The romance of hot-air balloons inspired more and more young lovers who prefer novelty to hold their wedding here.

Idea 2: Get married on a bridge

Holy and romantic wedding is not always be demonstrated in the church or backyard garden. In Newry, Maine, the Artist’s Bridge, which spans the Sunday River, doubles as a holy spot. “Maine’s covered bridges are the stuff of legend to us Mainers,” says Jenefer Jackson, who married there with 25 of her closest friends and family. Just imagine how great you will feel when you see the beauty of the bridge which has been built in 1872, and its setting amid a lush green forest and brook. We guess it must be an epic wedding in your lifetime.

Idea 3: Get married in a cave

If you and your lover love to be close to outdoor, why not opt for booking Bridal Cave in the Ozarks of Missouri. Because beach wedding seems to be too familiar and ordinary.
Native American legend has it that a couple first married here in the early 1800s. More than 2,500 couples have done so since then. One pair even flew from St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands to be married in the Bridal Cave

Idea 4: Get married in a car museum

Steve Jobs has set up his Apple Empire in the garage, and have you ever wanted a unique matrimony in a car museum? We guess it must be the special memory which blends with speed and passion. Another way to race to your nuptials is at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The speedway hosts weddings year-round, but on one day a year, fans can get married for free in the Victory Lane.

Idea 5: Get married on a glacier

Let’s talk about another exciting destination wedding! Pearson’s Pond, an inn in Juneau, Alaska, helps couples arrange weddings on a glacier. For Amy and Gregory Rhoden, the wedding day began with their arrival with family on a cruise ship, followed by a helicopter flight to a glacier for the ceremony. Because it’s always cold, “long, flowing capes and white fur jackets and hats are popular with the brides,” says inn owner Maryann Ray. What you can’t see in the wedding photos: bride, groom, parents, and everybody else on the glacier has to wear big, clunky boots with spikes on the bottom called crampons to prevent slips.

Idea 6: Get married next to a volcano

Here’s one way to pour down your molten passion: In Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, couples marry with views of Kilauea Caldera, part of a live volcano with plumes of lava flaring against the sky. It’s an ancient landscape that re-creates and renews itself daily, And even though it’s still considered an active volcano, there’s no cause for alarm: There haven’t been eruptions there for centuries.

Idea 7: Get married with man-eating animals

Just imagine that how you will feel when you say “I do” at lions, tigers or bears. It is a nonprofit exotic-animal sanctuary in east San Diego, California, where is the home to those beasts—plus bobcats, leopards, and miniature horses. Wedding guests can stay in the sanctuary’s private retreat and feed some in the morning. We guess you will love the occasional roar of the lions during the ceremony and the peacock that squawked right after an “amen.”

Idea 8: Get married at a Mayan Temple

Belize is home to more than 600 ancient Mayan sites that welcome weddings. Among the most enchanting and romantic locales is Cahal Pech. (Its translation is “place of the ticks.”) Goldman can arrange for a Mayan shaman to perform the ceremony if you desire and has organized weddings for both straight and gay partners.

Idea 9: Get married on a pirate ship

If you think that a conventional setting is not your style, why not try to get married on the pirate ship which make you feeling stepping into a fairy tale? Just imagine a pirate swinging from a ship mast to deliver your wedding rings, just get captured with your fiancé on the pirate ship. All your fancy will be acchived at Treasure Island Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.
The ship was beautifully arrayed and the service performed by the captain was divine. Even Pastor Jerome Blankenship, who’s led weddings here since 1993, says they can be “more energetic and fun” than weddings in a chapel.

Idea 10: Get married on a castle

Holding a wedding in the castle is the top choice of every bride who never quit the dream of getting married like a princess. New York City may provide the palace you’re looking for. The castle, built in 1869, gives newlyweds panoramic views of the park and the city skyline. Those who prefer something tropical, however, can head to Iolani Palace in Honolulu, which was home to King Kalkaua and Queen Liliuokalani before the overthrow of the monarchy.

Friday, October 18, 2013

How to Select the Perfect Wedding Shoes For Yourself

A perfect wedding dress is your girls’ priority for all, a lovely veil is also not a negligible factor. However, the right pair of bridal shoes can make it or break down a wedding day for a bride. Not only does the right shoe have to match the bride, and the dress, but it must be comfortable enough to wear throughout the wedding. Sure, desirable glances are great, but won't it be nice to look at your manicured and massaged tootsies and see them wrapped in divine shoes? So, learning how to select shoes to match with your wedding dress is not difficult when you follow the right steps below.


1. Take a look at your wedding gown and decide what type of combination you want to create. Because your own preference always goes first, an appreciative pair ones can make you a smiling day on your big day.

2. Color is an important factor. Most brides choose shoes in the same or similar color as their dresses, while some might prefer a contrasting or bolder color. If you choose wedding shoes in the same color as your gown, bring along your pick’s fabric when buying wedding shoes to make sure you choose the exact same tint.

3. Take it into account that how high you want the heels of your shoes to be, and how narrow the toes. Be very careful not to buy shoes for your wedding that are too uncomfortable to wear for a long period of time, as you'll need them through the ceremony, the reception, and the wedding dinner or party.

4. If your wedding dress is a short dress or another mini dress that leaves part of your legs bare, your shoes become more of a focal point, so be sure to coordinate them properly with the dress.

5. If you find shoes that are the right style but not the right color, formal wear shops can usually dye them to match your dress or another color of your choice.

6. Research the latest trends. Search the Internet for up-to-date information on the latest trends in fashion. Look at bridal websites, wedding forums, and fashion blogs or magazine sites.

7. Remember to bring your shoe to your fittings to ensure a proper length is met on your dress

8. If you fall in love with a specific shoe, but know that it will eventually become uncomfortable, then consider a back-up pair that you can wear after the ceremony and picture taking session.

9. Note that shades of white and off-white can vary and be difficult to match, so either opt for a different color altogether, or consider dying your shoe to match exactly.

Friday, October 11, 2013

How to Make Wedding Flowers Arrangement for Your Big Day

Every bride wants her nuptial to be memorable and perfect as much as possible, and the wedding theme should be created by all the factors involved into the wedding to make the wedding day special and provide the finishing touch to this very special day. So, your choice of flowers and arrangements should reflect your remarkable and unique taste and personality. Of course, a wedding would just not be the same without flowers. Here, we would like to post some steps about that to help you make the wedding flowers arrangement.

Step 1: Having a clear idea of flower arrangement when selecting flowers for your wedding

Keep in mind that having a basic understanding of what works well for the theme you've chosen and your budget. You can also expect a good florist to provide you with helpful advice, so be prepared to ask questions and to exchange the ideas with your florist once you reach that stage. Note that good positioning and use of inexpensive foliage can also create the sense that you have more floral arrangements than you actually do.

Step 2: Viewing through bridal magazines, and even gardening books that focus on flowers

If you don't have an clear vision of the types of flowers you'd like to have, simply looking at beautifully photographed flowers can be a good way to start getting an idea of what you like. Even consider taking a tour of a local greenhouse where flowers are on display, to get a real feel for how the flowers appear.

Step 3: Consider your flower budget


Before getting excited about the upcoming wedding, do the sums. Some floral arrangements might not be realistic once you have budgeted for everything else, so it's a good idea to know how much you have to spend on flowers. When you visit the florist, you can discuss the extent of your budget and work from there. It's a good idea to keep some flowers as your first choice and some as your second choice, so that if you do have to pare down, the flowers in your second choice can go first without depleting the flowers that you must have.
Be prepared to be more creative if you're on a budget. Just feel free to mix and match flower types and to raid the garden as well. Use fragrant flowers to give the impression that there are more flowers; stronger smelling flowers will perfume a room with ease.

Step 4: Consider the color of the flowers

Color is also an important part of your decision about which flowers to have. The colors chosen should match your wedding attire, the wedding theme, and the clothing of the rest in the bridal party. Colors chosen according to the seasonal availability will allow you the greatest impact for the smaller price, as seasonal flowers will always cost less.

Step 5: Consider the season

Also. the season plays an important role in your choice, especially if you're budget-conscious. While non-seasonal flowers can be flown in, this increases the cost and complexity considerably. And if you're into locally grown produce, it's hardly appropriate to have flowers flown in!

Step 7: Start with the bridal bouquet

If you can't afford many flowers, at least don't skimp on the bouquet, as it is the most intimate floral arrangement for the wedding. So, the bride's bouquet should be the largest and most spectacular bouquet in the wedding party. Undoubtedly, white is still the most popular color for the bride's bouquet, but many different colors are prevailing more and more in weddings today for the bride and bridesmaids from soft pastels such as pale pink through to rich, vibrant colors such as hot pink, burgundy and violets. Ultimately, the choice of flowers for the bouquet depend on what you want, the style of your dress, and your wedding theme. It is recommended that you don't finalize the bouquet until you have chosen your dress, because the two must match perfectly. Note that usually the larger the dress is, the larger the bouquet is.

Step 8: Decide upon the bridesmaids' bouquets

The bridesmaids' flowers can be a smaller version of the brides flowers or a different shape but still maintaining the color theme. If the bride is carrying a trailing bouquet the bridesmaids could carry round bouquets. Each of the bouquets can be the same color as the brides bouquet. If you do select a different color, ensure that it blends well with the bridal bouquet and the overall wedding color theme. Ultimately, aim for good coordination.

Step 9: Decide upon the style of the flower girl's flowers

This lovely member of the wedding party could carry a small basket of flowers to match the bridesmaids' flowers. The basket can be sprayed white or a pastel shade. Another alternative is to attach a spray of flowers to a piece of ribbon and tie it around the flower girl's wrist, tying the ribbon ends in a bow with long ends. This is particularly suitable for a very young flower girl who may find a basket awkward to carry.

You can also consider a floral bracelet and/or a floral hair ornament to adorn the flower girl. A floral wreath that sits on the hair like a fairy or nymph is another pretty variation. She'll be super delighted with these special touches.

Step 10: Prepare the bridegroom and groomsmen

Although their need for flowers is less obvious, it's just as important, and they will wear a buttonhole/boutonniere. For the groom, provide something that has a slight difference from the buttonholes for the groomsmen – such as a single flower that is the same as one in the bridal bouquet.

Step 11: Prepare the corsages

Both the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom wear corsages. These should complement their outfits. The standard corsage flowers include roses, orchids, camellias, and gardenias.It is helpful to know the color of the dresses of those wearing corsages, to ensure that the colors will not clash – white or cream is always a safe, neutral choice.

Friday, October 4, 2013

How to Plan a Personalized Wedding Reception

An impressive and memorable wedding is the everlasting memory for everyone in their long lifetime. For the twenty-somethings who pay more attention on personality and uniqueness, wedding is another bigger stage for them to show off their creativity and passion for their love. Of course, planning the wedding reception can take lots of effort and it all begins with deciding on the venue and the type of reception. However, it's quite beneficial you're aware of which things need to be covered and what's more, you can have a lot of fun with it too! Here, we post some fairly methodical processes about how to plan your personalized wedding.

1. Consider a theme wedding

Undoubtedly, it is a perfect chance to incorporate your creativity and passion into your special day. A impressive wedding will make your unique personality and taste stand out. If you have always dreamed of being a royal princess for your big day, plan a formal wedding. Alternatively, maybe you prefer another different kind one. Just be creative - the possibilities are endless. Anyway, no matter that you will have an indoor or an outdoor reception, make all the way for your final decision. For example, if you want an outdoor event, you'll have to consider the possibility of rain ruining your plan, therefore, keep a hidden ace up your sleeve just in case.

2. Set the date for your wedding

It goes first before you do anything for your wedding. Since many sites are booked a year or even two in advance, so you may need to fine tune the date decision which depends on the availability of your desired reception location.

3. Set down your budget

 This is the next big thing, since planning your wedding reception will bring forth the related expense. When you go to rent the reception hall, you'll have to give a rounded figure of approximately how many guests you're likely to have. Therefore, an important part of any planning of the wedding reception

involves pruning down your reception list; this will also bring about an estimation of the costs per head, according to the size of the room and your requirements too.

4. Make your own wedding invitations

Don't limit yourself to the conservative engraved variety. If you just have decided to make a small wedding reception, you can try to make your own personally handwritten invitation, or even use personalized postage stamps for your invitations. You know, your favorite "couples" picture is perfect for wedding invitations. 

5. Decide on the type of reception you'd like to have and choose the food

No matter you choose the sit-down meal or cocktail party, it is ultimately important that everyone invited will enjoy the wedding goodies and have a nice time. There will always be some people with dietary restrictions. So, the method of food service needs to be decided. It's a good idea to have asked guests in advance for advice concerning allergies, or maybe buffet style is a good choice.

6. Choose interesting mood music

Having music playing in the background during dinner can be a nice touch. While the wedding dancing time, pick a song that has real meaning for you both. Besides your special song, be sure to have songs people will really want to dance to, not strange songs that only suit the taste of a few. 

7. Make it your celebration

The wedding cake can be the usual bridal delight, or you can let your fantasy take sweet flight. You can have cakes customed comes in virtually any shape, size or configuration. They can be covered with real flowers, or dripping in edible pearls. The happy couple can be displayed in icing, or the cake can pay homage to the hobby that brought you together. It's your choice to make. 

8. Have a special friend or family member officiate your wedding

You are not limited to your priest, with the proper preparation anyone of your choosing can legally conduct your wedding ceremony. See information on Becoming Ordained to prepare your choice of an officiant. 

9. Make some surprises for your wedding 

Thrill your elders by adding a touch of your personal taste about the traditional wedding. For example, you can arrange a small live show that displays the wedding heritage or make a thanksgiving speech for your parents. Or include your special pet in your wedding, and be sure to dress them up in a dog tuxedo or dress. At last, we hope you all have an impressive and memorable wedding.